Worth It

Okay. so I can really bitch and moan about things, but let’s chock it up to stress, shall we?
The dance recital madness was worth it. Both of my daughters had a blast on stage. And while the show tested my patience from time to time, it had some wonderful moments. The owner of the dance studio choreographed Most of the numbers and she has an interesting approach.
In any case, at the end of the show, several students received medals for attendance. My daughters had not missed one class. This seemed to really affect them, especially my five-year-old, who kept washing her medal yesterday to make it shinier. She said “I want more medals. How do I get another one?”
Their feeling of pride and accomplishment was worth every bun-episode, costume, alteration, and every last minute plunge into my wallet. Watching them enjoy themselves on stage was only part of it, but it was so, so, sweet.

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