Update on Events for the Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook

As promised, I am keeping this updated as much as I can.
Yesterday, we heard from two possible event venues.
The “Seasonal Cook,” in Charlottesville, Va., is interested in setting up a cooking demonstration and book-signing. If you look at our schedule, you can see that we are already looking at a possible date in November–maybe December.
In addition, a literacy event is happening in Waynesboro, Va. At Book’em, they usually have several local authors and some well-known writers from out of the area giving workshops and selling books. Part of the proceeds from sales go to the Book’em Foundation. I am all for this cause, or anything that promotes literacy. But I am booked that day in the afternoon for a booksigning at the Bookstack in Staunton. I’m not sure if we can do 2 events in one day.
I’ll keep posting.

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