Good News, Bad News?

Today has been one of those emotional roller coaster days.

Someone left a message at Mrs. Rowe’s Family Restaurant that they were trying to sell the cookbook on QVC. He left his name and number, but the number was thrown away by mistake, so by the time Mike got the message it just listed the name and QVC. (The restaurant is usually so busy that it really is a wonder that he gets any messages at all.)

First of all, QVC ????????? How FANTASTIC would that be?

Ten Speed’s cracker-jack sales force is still negotiating this matter, but I just gotta say “YAY!” I hope it works out.

So, I was flying high much of the day. All of this news was coming at me while I was preparing for a playdate for my daughters, which kept me very grounded. Four girls running wild through my small house… It went very well, but ya just never know about these things.

The phone rang this afternoon and it was my editor on the line. She said she had news for me. I held my breath. Lily is leaving Ten Speed. My heart sank. Not only was she the best editor I have ever worked with, but she is just a fine person. Always ethical. Never heavy-handed. She never once let me down. She absolutely renewed my faith in this sometimes jaded business of publishing.

Lily is leaving the publisher for an incredible opportunity. I wish her the best. Watching her career sky rocket will be a pleasure for me.

I know that Ten Speed is different than many of the big New York publishers and I am hopeful this book won’t get lost in the shuffle, without Lily to usher it along. She assures me that it won’t. The book will be in good hands. I know our publicist is the best and the editor that will be taking over has a vested interest in the success of the book.

But my heart is still in my mouth.

Just in one day, the book process has taken me from high to low. Who knows what news tomorrow will bring? Perhaps I won’t answer the phone or check my email—just for one day.

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