Things I Don’t Want to Forget about Tess going to Kindergarten

This morning, I sent my baby off to kindergarten. She is very different from her older sister, Emma, who has been extremely independent from day one. Tess is a little more attached to me. Maybe it’s because she is the youngest. These past few days in preparing to go to school, she has said and done some things that I never want to forget. Here they are:

1. She has ended every conversation about school with “I am going to miss you, Mommy.”
2. She drew a picture of me on her lunch box.
3. In the middle of the night, she ended up in our bed (as she often does) and at one point, a half awake Tess swung her little arm over me and just said “Mommy.” It was the way she said it, you know? It was like she was comforting herself by saying it and by touching me. And she was also trying to comfort me.
4. This morning, while waiting on the bus, she said “I’ll be back this afternoon, Mommy.” She said it with resolve.
5. I don’t ever want to forget the way she marched up on the bus steps, turned around to pose for my camera, with her sister by her side.

You go girl. Knock’em dead.

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