Virginia Living Magazine

Virginia Living is the kind of magazine you can’t resist when you see it on doctor’s office table or on the new stand. Over-sized and glossy, it’s one of the best looking magazines I’ve ever seen. Studying magazines, as freelancers must do, it is clear that many beautiful magazines are more ad and art-driven, rather than content driven. That’s not the case with Virginia Living. It’s a good blend of editorial and design, which is a fine balance for any magazine to achieve.

So, I was thrilled when they were interested in running my pie article. Okay, so it hasn’t run yet. Such is the life of a periodical—and of a freelancer. But something better has happened.

Not only are they going to run my article, but they are also taking an interest in my book—“Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook: A Lifetime of Recipes from the Shenandoah Valley.” The editor interviewed me this week. I was pleasantly surprised by his intelligent questions. Here is a guy who clearly gets what the restaurant is about and what the book is attempting to do. Believe me, that’s not always the case.

But still, I think it’s easier to do the interviewing than be the interviewee. Maybe I’ll get used to it?

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