First Book Signing

We had our first book signing yesterday. I think we sold close to 100 books. Some folks were buying several at a time. I think it would have been more successful if we had actually closed the doors and had an after-hours party, where we would have invited people—the movers and shakers of the Valley. Those kind of book parties seem to be controversial. Some publishers claim they are not worth the hassle, anymore. But Ten Speed would have chipped in for such a party, had Rowe’s wanted one.

I was extremely touched by the fact that some of my personal friends showed up. In fact, I think most of the people who just came to buy the book were my friends. Only one person claimed to have seen the ad in the paper and decided to come. (That tells you something…) Many of these women lead extremely busy and chaotic lives, juggling kids, volunteer work, or jobs. That they came to the restaurant and bought books, well, I’ll never forget it.

I enjoyed speaking with several of the customers at Rowe’s, who just happened to be there to eat and ended up purchasing books for us to sign. One man grows, makes, and sells brandied peaches in Washington, Va. (Yes, where the Inn at Little Washington is, and yes, he sometimes supplies their fruit. Cool.) He doesn’t get to Staunton often, but when he does, he comes to Mrs. Rowe’s. Some of the other travelers were on their way to Tennessee or to southern Virginia.

Some folks were notably missing. That is fodder for another venue.

On Saturday, it turns our that I will be going it alone at the Fortune-Williams Music Festival. Mike thinks they are going to get hammered at the restaurant and he can’t be away. So, I will pick up books at the restaurant and schlep them over to the museum. Isn’t the life of an author glamorous? 😉

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