Is “The Journey” Over?

The purpose of the Journey of a Cookbook blog is to tell the story of what it’s like to write and publish a cookbook. Now that the book is out, is the journey over? The answer is no. Only a part of the journey is complete. The promotional events will provide much fodder here. I will chronicle my thoughts, feelings, interviews, bad and good reviews, and so on, as best I can. (If you’re interested in reading about the journey from the beginning, click on the archives. The first entry is titled “extraordinary.”)
I also hope to add in some other nuggets of entertaining writing—the entry titled “Green Been Meditation” is a great example.
I write about many things, not just food, though food writing and literature is becoming a passion for me. But, you can check out my other blogs by clicking on the links. Thoroughly Modern Mollie is my blog about parenting, and my Stuff of Life blog offers a little of everything.

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