The Cookbook is HERE!

Okay. So I have had it for about a week. It’s been hard to get to the blog, for a number reasons, one of which is work. I’m working for another writer doing some research. It’s been a saving grace. Otherwise, I would be obsessing about the book.

How did it feel to hold the book in my hands? I’d like to tell you that it was overwhelming joy and exhileration that filled me. To some extent, it was. I had not imagined such beautiful book. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know I liked the other color scheme—the one Ten Speed chose NOT to use. I gotta say, once again, they know their stuff. Red, white, and blue and gorgeous, what can I say?

After my husband stealed away with my book (no kidding, who knew?) , and I sat down to look through it, a feeling of utter and complete weariness overcame me. For the next two days, I was an exhausted mess. It was an unraveling of my creative energy, I suppose. I hadn’t expected this.

No matter what happens next, as far as promotion goes, it’s just icing on the cake. The most challenging (and satisfying) work is behind me now. At least on THIS book.

In the mean time, I’ve been working with Kristin, my publicist, on getting materials together to apply to participate in the Virginia Festival of the Book, which will take place in March. Also, we are gearing up for the big Book Roll-Out Event at the restaurant on the 27th. If you buy a book, you get a free dessert. Can’t beat that… Unless it’s to eat spoonbread and leaf through a beautiful cookbook, while listening to Jimmy Fortune or Robin and Linda Williams at the Fortune-Williams Music Festival at the Frontier Culture Museum—our next book-signing event.

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