So much depends on the weather?

We had several lovely conversations at the bookstore yesterday and sold four books. After doing some research on the web about book signings, I’ve found that four books is an average number of books sold at most book signings. We loved the New Dominion Bookstore and the staff. One staff member has already read the book and said how much she liked it. “It’s just so charming,” she said. We may go back for an event they have during the month of December.

New Dominion is the oldest independent book store in the state of Virginia and it’s one of those book places you could get lost in. This is a bookstore owned by someone who obviously loves books. They are piled everywhere, in a sort of organized bookish chaos that made me feel right at home.

Next Saturday, I will be at Book’em in the morning and another indie boostore in the afternoon. The Bookstack is in Staunton. I called them to see what I could do to help pull some folks in. I am going to take some postcards and a poster to them. The Bookstack has been doing a lot of publicity for the event. It doesn’t seem like Ten Speed sent any promotional stuff to the stores—at least not the small stores, and at least not that I could see. Perhaps this is not something they do. And I am happy to.

Book’em is a charity event that will be in Waynesboro (at the high school) next weekend. The proceeds from book sales go to promote literacy in an effort to fight crime. American prisons are filled to the brim with inmates that are illiterate. Sixty authors are attending. I will be giving a presentation called “Cookin’ and Writin’ Up a Storm: The Story of the Mrs. Rowe Cookbook.”

I hope to see some of you at the Bookstack or at Book’em.

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