Saveur State-of-Mind

I haven’t been posting in while. I have been very sick and very busy—all at once. Then there was Thanksgiving. I am finally getting back on my feet and have had several requests to come back to bookstores we have already signed at—and that’s a really good thing!
But the most amazing thing that’s happened is that Lily Binns wrote about the book in Saveur. I was shocked and almost fell out of my chair.
Saveur is my favorite food magazine. It’s one of the incredible publications that I discovered when I first started writing about Mrs. Rowe. I plunged into all sorts of food literature after attending the Symposium for Professional Food Writers. This magazine is full of really good food stories, chronicling foodways from all over the world. When I receive it in the mail, it’s a ritual for me to sit in my favorite chair and kick my feet up. Since money is such an issue for me because I am a stay-at-home mom and freelancer, I only allow myself one such luxury—the subscription to this magazine. And, the house could be falling apart. I don’t care. I am in my Saveur state-of-mind.
So, yesterday, there I was in my chair. Reading the Fare section, then turning the pages to the book review section. Last time, there was a little review of the Lee Brothers Cookbook. I was a bit jealous and thought longingly about seeing the Mrs. Rowe book in Saveur. Then I talked myself out of such high hopes. “Let’s see what books they have in this time,” I thought to myself, as I flipped through the pages.
My daughters were watching tv; my husband was in his chair. I let out some strange noise when I saw the picture of my book and could hardly read the thing because of the tears. My family rushed over to me. I handed Eric the magazine and he grinned from ear to ear. “Lily Binns,” he said.
Yes, Lily Binns. My heart burst with joy.

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