Successful Booksigning for the Mrs. Rowe’s REstaurant Cookbook at Barnes and Noble

What an awesome day we had yesterday at the Harrisonburg B & N booksigning!
We sold and signed about 25 books, but they had sold about 10 that day before we arrived on the scene. What made this event so successful?
A number of factors came together in just the right way. The biggest thing was Annie, the community relations manager at the store. She wrote up press releases, followed up with the press, and arranged an incredible display in one of the front windows of the store. When we arrived, Mike with his cookies, and me with my postcards and flyers, we were happy to find a table in the front of the store with nice arrangements of our books all around.
A local adjunct professor from James Madison University had assigned his photojournalism students our event. Crowds of young photographers surrounded us, which made us feel pretty special AND helped to create a little more excitement about the book.
Let’s also not forget that Theresa Curry of the Daily News Leader wrote a lovely piece about the book on Wednesday. Of course, there was a mention of the upcoming booksigning.
After our signing, Mike went off to fry oysters at Ever’s Country Buffet and I went to another local restaurant with my family. I wish I had gone to Ever’s….

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