Update on the Mrs. Rowe Cookbook

Promoting books is definitely a wierd thing. One minute you are bummed because it feels like nobody is buying your book. Events get cancelled. Or people don’t show up. The next minute you get a phone call from someone saying “I just sold 15 books.” Amazing.
I did not write this book to get rich and famous. And in today’s sales-drive publishing world, it’s sometimes difficult to stay focused on why I write. I get caught up in reviews and sales and creating promotions to sell, sell, sell. And then I get into a funk.
What feeds me is the creative process. I’ve been sick—losing my voice (what a physical manifestation the way I’ve been feeling). Mrs. Rowe’s story keeps me going. I keep coming back to it, hoping I’ve honored her in some way, hoping that maybe I have honored all the women like her who have lived remarkable lives, but maybe have not had books written about them.
I march on.
Unfortunately, the Wade’s Mill Event has been cancelled. But, I have been asked to read at the Staunton Writer’s Show on Tuesday evening. Then, on to the B & N in Harrisonburg on Saturday. I hope to see some of you there.

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