Remarkable Roanoke

Just wanted to let you know that things went really well yesterday. I arrived about an hour early and there were already people in the room to save seats for one another. When I walked in, there was a beautiful display of the Mrs. Rowe book in a showcase. They had done a remarkable job at publicizing the event. There were probably 40-50 people there. No kidding.
Kathryn Young, the librarian in charge of the event, was delightful and friendly. The crowd was warm and receptive, with a lot of questions and chat-chat, especially over pie. Yup. They had Mrs. Rowe’s pies and cookies. Food always helps! (Especially Mrs. Rowe’s delicious desserts.)
To top in all off, they presented me with a lovely bookbag with some cool treats inside. A cup that says “So many books, so little time” (my sentiments, exactly), and a groovy notebook and pen. How did they know how much I LOVE notebooks and pens? 🙂 I fear I’ll have to hide this one from my daughters and husband.
I’ll go back to Roanoke anytime they ask. I will also go to any other library that asks. What a fabulous time.

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