What’s Next?

I have exactly two more promotional events scheduled for the Mrs. Rowe book. The first one is on Sat., Jan 27 at Melrose Public Library in Roanoke, Va. What an interesting, top-of-the-line library system. They’ve publicized the upcoming event in all 17 of their libraries, created bookmarks with a recipe on it, and alerted the local media. And they have ordered books, which means that I won’t have to lug boxes of books with me. I predict it will be well-attended—that is, if we continue to get such fine weather.
I am still not sure how my children will get to where they are supposed to be that day, however. We have only one vehicle that both girls can ride in safely. And I don’t drive the other one.
Emma has been accepted into the Saturday Enrichment Program at U. Va. (in Charlottesville) and will be studying–get this–writing. And Tess has ballet class at 11 in Waynesboro. And my gig is in Roanoke at 2:00. Roanoke is a couple of hours away. Okay. I think someone is going to have to miss something…
After I get through this, I have several months “off” until the Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. It should be great fun.
In the mean time, I just sent in a column to the News Leader, am finishing up an article on Mary Johnston for Virginia Living, and am waiting to hear back from Bark magazine. Ahhhh, the life of a freelancer. Mostly broke and always waiting.

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