Interview on A Chef’s Table

This Thursday, I will be heading up to James Madison University to their radio studio. I am going to be interviewed for A Chef’s Table, which is nationally syndicated show. I am not sure when the interview will air. But listen for it on your local NPR station.
I love radio. I used to sell ads for a radio station in Manassas, VA. I hated sellling, but I loved writing those ads. What a challenge to fit everything you need to say in 30 or 60 second segments—and to do it in a creative, catchy way.
But I have found it to be a bit discombobulating to be interviewed on radio. I think it’s the lack of visual cues and eye contact. This will be my third radio interview; I hope I’ve gotten the swing of it by now. At least this time it will be in a studio, away from my home, but the peson interviewing me will be in Philadelphia.
Once, I had to shoo my children off and not allow them in the house at all because I was being interviewed. Who wants to hear two rambunctious girls squealing in the background?
The other interview demanded a phone with a cord because of radio issues. Who has phones with cords anymore? (I do, now!) Thank goodness my kids were at school. I was SO sick for that interview, though, and I had taken a bunch of medicine. I didn’t want to be sniffling into the phone—but the medicine made me groggy. I fear I didn’t make a good interviewee.
So, the goal this week is stay healthy, even though my youngest daughter has a nasty head cold. The other goal is to not get too nervous about this.

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