Valentine’s Day, Finally

Because of the ice and snow, my daughters have not been in school since last Tues., which means they didn’t get to celebrate the much awaited Valentine’s day—until today. They came home loaded with little pink, red, and white cards and candy from their friends. My youngest daughter made the most delightful little mail box out of an old cereal box. I remember making one out of a shoe box—do you?
Do you remember the excitement of Valentine’s Day before the world weary grown-up you became so cynical that you don’t even celebrate this manufactured holiday anymore?
My youngest daughter came home with a beautiful homemade card from a secret admirer. She looked up at me and batted her big, brown eyes and said, “Look Mommy, I have a secret Valentine.” Last year, she actually received a rose from a little boy at her preschool. I’ll never forget the look that came over her face that day. Nor the way it made us both feel. It was the sweetest gesture.
I am cherishing these moments before they are lost to time, before it becomes about angst and heartbreak, and then who knows what. In the meantime, I am dwelling in the sweetness.

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