New York City—Here I come (along with hundreds of other writers)

This Friday, my husband’s good friend Everett is taking me to the Richmond airport. We are leaving EARLY. When I made the flight reservations, I had forgotten that now you’re supposed to be checking in 2 hours early.
I am excited about going to NY to the ASJA conference. It’s the largest conference for working writers. I signed up sort of late and, at first, I wasn’t able to get a mentor, but I heard from them this morning that someone else has canceled–so, I’ll get to sit, face to face, with a successful freelancer and pick his brain, for a full 30 minutes. Along with that, and being surrounded by my colleagues, it should be an incredible learning experience and great opportunity for me.
I am staying with a childhood and lifelong friend of mine. It’ll be grand to catch up with her and her fancy theatre life in New York. I’ll also meet Lily, the young woman that edited the Mrs. Rowe Cookbook. I am thrilled about that. After several years of emails and phone calls, it will be wonerful to actually meet with her face to face, relax, and enjoy some good coffee. WOW!

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