Dread and Longing

I have about a week left until school is out. On the one hand, I am so tired of the grind; on the other hand I fear having my kids home all summer with me. We all really need a break from school. In fact I feel like this week and next are kind of "lame duck" days at school. I am not sure the children are accomplishing anything.
In the mean time, I am querying editors and waiting for my royalty check. I know I won’t be able to accomplish much this summer. My girls want to swim this year, which means I’ll be dragging my bones to the pool every day. It’s so good for them to learn how to swim and I full support their efforts. We have not signed up for any camps. I know I better do that soon. But I feel like things are closing in on me and there won’t be enough time to work or really to even relax.

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