Five Most Frequently Asked Questions about Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook

Five Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why did you write about Mrs. Rowe?
She led a a fascinating life. I’d call it an Appalachian Cinderella Story.
2. How did your background lend itself to this book? I’ve been writing
profiles of people for many years, as well as studying the craft. I
thought of the biographical part of the book as one big profile. As far
as the recipes and food writing aspect, let’s just say I learned as I
went along.
3. What’s next for you?
We are talking about doing another Mrs. Rowe book. That’s all I’m
saying right now. But I am also researching the life story of someone
else right now. I am open to possibilities.
4.  What makes Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant so special? This year, it will
celebrate its 60th anniversary. It’s been owned by the same family,
successfully, for all that time. That’s just part of the story.
5. What kind of food is there in the Shenandoah Valley? We are most
known for country ham, biscuits, and homemade baked goods. We are
mostly rural, though that is changing.