So Far, SOOOOOO Good

We are three days into Summer break. So far, it’s been wonderful. The girls and I have scrapbooked, colored, danced, walked, played in the sprinkler, and talked about everything you can imagine. We’ve been doing a lot of reading and writing, as well as indulging Emma’s fascination with all things Helen Keller. We borrowed several books and a couple of movies from the library about Helen. Emma told the librarian that she is "researching" Helen Keller.  😉
Yesterday, we went for a walk with the girls still in their PJs, which they thought was really cool. This morning, I’m going to try to do some Yoga with them, realizing of course, it won’t be the blissful, relaxed Yoga, all about myself. This practice will certainly be interrupted. I will try not to become frustrated. It’s all about BALANCE—which I have found is not a constant thing. In fact, for me, balance is fleeting. How about you?

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