On Writing

A new friend of mine recently sent me this link, which is an article written by Anne Lamott. I just love what she has to say about writing.
I would just like to add that I have a couple of pet peeves about "wanna be" writers.  One is that these folks always claim they don’t have the time to write…but yet they have the time to go to the gym, or clean their house, or have an active social life. I don’t. I write. The rest of that stuff gets pushed aside for my writing.
The other thing is that all would-be writers must know is it’s very rare for a person who has not really studied, written every day for a period of years, or apprenticed themselves in some other way, to be as good as writer as you need to be in order to compete. I am still learning and I hope I always will see ways of improving.
I’ve been asked so much during this past year, while promoting the Mrs. Rowe book, what my advice to writers who want to be published. And my answer has never gotten much play. It’s an unsexy answer. It’s always "Learn your craft."  If you love to write, stick to it, develop yourself, know that the satisfaction comes from the act itself, not necessarily in the publishing. 
But Ms. Lamott says all of this better than I do. Check her out at:

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