Okay. So maybe I didn’t give "The Omnivore’s Dilemma" a fair shake on my last post. Yes, it is depressing what’s happened to the food systems in the country. But I think there is hope. The sustainable farm that Pollan focuses on is the Polyface Farm, which is in Swoope, Va., just outside Staunton. That’s pretty close to where I live. So, the book group I am in is going to do something really different. Instead of sitting around and discussing the book, we are going to take a field trip to the farm and discuss the book. I don’t eat meat, and probably NEVER will, so I won’t be buying beef or chicken from the farm. But I am willing to give those eggs a try. Eggs sometimes make me really sick and I have wondered if it’s the quality of the egg or the grease they are fried in (at restaurants, for example). I think if I get sick on these eggs, the problem is with me and not the egg.
I’ve got several deadlines coming up and a friend is keeping my girls in the afternoons. I have another friend who is looking over an essay I want to include in my  new book proposal (always a good idea). What would I do without these women? I’ve been making progress, but it’s slow going. Still haven’t heard about the current cookbook proposal.

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