Friends along the way

One of the best things about this publishing a cookbook experience has been some of the really wonderful, creative, talented people I have met along the way.
Angela Tunner and I really connected on the "writing a cookbook while raising children" thing. She is an amazing and gifted person—as is clear in her new book. "SIMPLY SUMMER, GOURMET MEALS MADE DELICIOUSLY EASY WITH TIP FOR ELEGANT LIVING is a small, paperback book (easy to hold in your hands, filled will wonderful, easy-to-make recipes. She also offers numerous tips for shopping, life in the kitchen, and cooking (or NOT cooking), and doing it all with a certain measure of style and elegance. You can find out more about Angela and order her book at You’ll see when you visit
her site that she is truly the Renaissance Gourmet—writer, photographer, artist, cook, and MOM.
On another front, Ed Anderson, the California photographer who took photos for the Mrs. Rowe book, has kept in touch with me and offers encouragement along the way. I was fascinated watching him take photos during the time he was in Virginia. But what has held me in awe of him is his eye for what makes a truly artful photograph. You just need to look through the book to see what I mean. There is one photo of hanging pans, in particular, that illustrates what I mean.  Who would even think to take a shot like that, let alone, make it look so grand? Check out his website
Here is one of his photos he sent to me recently with the note,  "Happy August."


This photo is courtesy of Ed Anderson, the photographer.

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