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Okay. I think this is a good place to step back and ask where this blog is going. It started as a chronicle of my experience in getting a cookbook published. I wanted to give a clear picture of the whole process. It’s ventured into other areas. And I think that’s okay. I thought I’d update you on a few things in regards to the cookbook-area of my career. The Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook: A Lifetime of Recipes from the Shenandoah Valley is now in a second printing. It’s done pretty well and gotten some great reviews. I sent out my second cookbook proposal in late spring. Because it was another Mrs. Rowe book, Ten Speed has first right of refusal. We are still waiting to hear from them. The last we heard they are interested, but want to put another spin on it—a spin I could be very excited about.
In the mean time, I am still promoting the first book. I have two appearances coming up. Also, I am working on another book proposal, along with lots and lots and lots of articles.
So this is what happens after the book is published. A little bit of attention can help build you a platform, which is the buzz word in publishing these days. But you have to work it. It seems that nobody will call you and say "Hey I really like your book. Would you like to write something for me?" (Surprising, isn’t it? It also seems that folks who you personally send your book to could say thanks for the book, but I have received very little of that. I am beginning to wonder if most of them even received my book. I didn’t expect gushing, but common courtesy never hurts.)
Almost all of my freelancing has taken a turn to food. I am still writing about parenting and doing profiles, when I can. I have an article about Mary Johnston coming up in Virginia Living. I hope that will help me sell more profiles.
So that’s where I am. I will strive to keep you posted.

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