First-Grade Food Writer?

volunteer once a week to work with the children in Tess’s class. I am
at one of the "rotation" stations. The children are divided into groups
and rotate between activities. It’s very different than when I did the
same thing for Kindergarten, where I was just doing a craft or reading
a story, while the  "real" instructing was going on in the other
groups. This year I am really helping the kids work on important
skills. Last week, I was working with them on a writing project. One
little boy and I had a meeting of the minds. He grinned ear-to-ear
because I showed interest in his story and asked him questions. This
week,  the activity was writing a Thanksgiving menu. When his group
came to me, he pulled on my sleeve and said, "Remember me? I am the
good writer." (My heart burst!) This week, I paid special attention to
him and praised his menu. "Of course it is good. You are such a good
writer," I said. He looked up at me and said,"Yes, I know, but does it
make you hungry?"
Great. Just what the world needs. Another food writer.

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