Three novels in 5 days

So, I went to a family member’s house on Christmas night.She has load of really interesting fiction books, which she told me I could borrow. "Take anything you want," she said. I took over a bag full. I’ve read three of the books and I think I REALLY need to be swept away into another world. It helped me cope with the rest of the stress of the holiday–of which there was plenty. My favorite one was Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which I found really hard to put down. It’s about two Chinese women, their special friendship, and this secret writing system that Chinese women used in order to keep their stories alive–when it was looked down on women to have an education. I also read A Thousand Splendid Suns. The writing in this book about Afghanistan was breathtaking. Once again, the focus was on women. The third book I read is Water for Elephants, a really fast-paced read about circus life, a particular fascination of mine. I wanted to  join the circus when I was 15. My mother would not sign the papers. It never occurred to me to forge her signature. That tells you something about what kind of kid I was, I suppose.
I have not read for pleasure, really for quite some time.  I belong to a book group, but I don’t get to pick out the books, except for my month. And because one of the things I write about is food, I read a lot of food-related literature. I had forgotten how much joy a good fiction book can bring you. Even though I am not writing fiction right now, reading it reminds me of why I am writer. And I need that every now and then. So, on to the next book.   

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