Lovely Tribute to Paloma Saucedo

In today’s Daily News Leader, there’s a wonderful article about my friend Paloma. Paloma is leaving Waynesboro, soon. Her husband has gotten a great job offer in Texas—closer to Mexico—where their family is. Getting to know Paloma has been an enriching experience for me, on so many levels. It’s safe to say that about half of the residents of Waynesboro feel the same way. One of the first things you notice about Paloma is her smile and the way she radiates warmth, but then, if you hang out with her, the next thing you will notice is that everywhere you go, people recognize her. Here is a woman who has truly embraced this community—getting involved in her church, the library, children’s schools, and so many other community events. We will all be sorry to see her and her family go.
Here is the article:

One thought on “Lovely Tribute to Paloma Saucedo

  1. kristie says:

    I didn’t know we had a local celebrity amongst us-I am so proud of Paloma!!! She always seems to really value a person for who they are, and she has definite honesty about her that makes me feel at ease. We will miss her something awful.

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