Our Little Book of Pie

The developmental edits of Mrs. Rowe's Little Book of Southern Pie are done. The editor emailed me the manuscript with questions and changes for me and I sent them back to her. First, I needed to get our tester and the owner of the restaurant to weigh in on some of the questions—especially those of a technical nature. Baking can be like that. This book is not meant to be an encyclopedia of pie baking, but more of a fun take on pie, with loads of delcious southern recipes. But still some technical issues need to be addressed. For example, I added in two paragraphs about equipment—double boilers and pie cutters.
So after I sent in the latest version, my editor sent it to the copy editor. By Friday, she already had a list of more questions for me. This, I think, after just a quick reading of the manuscript. Copy editors are truly a different breed. It's so helpful to have some outside eye come into a project like this, especially a trained one. You never know what they might catch. At this point, I hope there's not much to catch—but I know that it is absolutely the best thing for everybody that she query everything that strikes her fancy.   I hope for another push for excellence.

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