Spreading the Pie Love

This past Sunday, I experienced the good fortune of meeting some fantastic pie-loving people in Charlottesville, which is just “over the mountain” from Waynesboro, where I live.  The event, named the “Cville Pie Down,” was started by an offhanded remark on Twitter. Someone asked who makes the best pie in Charlottesville. Two people answered the challenge—Brian Geiger, otherwise known as the Foodgeek  (http://thefoodgeek.com) and Marijean Jaggers, otherwise know as the STL Working Mom (http://www.stlworkingmom.com). One person took the bull by the horns and organized the event, allowing the pie bakers to concentrate on their art.  That would be Steve Whitaker (http://wordishness.com). Ultimately, Brian won, but I have to tell you that I didn’t envy the judges their task. All of the pies were superb.

But for me, the competition aspect was so secondary to what was really happening. First, the event was started on a social media platform and let’s just get this out there: HOW AMAZING IS THAT?  Second, here was a community of people gathering essentially to celebrate pie.  Pie draws people in every time. 

I was very honored that Steve asked me to participate. We weren’t sure what form that would take. I couldn’t judge because I am what they consider “professional” which makes me grin. In other words, they wanted everyday pie lovers to judge, not a pie cookbook author— to tell you the truth, that endeared the situation even more to me.

I suggested that I give away a copy of MRS. ROWE’S LITTLE BOOKS OF SOUTHERN PIES to the winner. After mulling it over, I thought both of them should have a copy.  After all, there were no grand prizes or anything like that. It was just a couple of people who love sharing their pie—and tons of other eager pie lovers watching and waiting for a bite or two. They are spreading pie love, just like me. 

2 thoughts on “Spreading the Pie Love

  1. Steve Whitaker says:

    What a great post. And I think the truth is the other way around – WE were honored to have YOU there. Your generous contribution of your time and your book really helped make the event what it was.
    And with this post, I’d love to formally invite you to help plan and/or participate in the bigger CvillePieFest (hopefully the first annual) to be held this Fall!
    Thanks so much for everything! I’m thrilled to have gotten to meet you.
    Steve Whitaker

  2. mollie says:

    You are making me blush! It was great meeting you, as well. I’d be thrilled to help you out with the next CvillePieFest. Please keep me posted.

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