Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Yes, I ran, but only half my distance. Moving helps with the pain. It really does. It's when you sit too long that it hurts. (I am taking an Irish dance class this weeks.)
2. I LOVE the fact that Emily is teaching this yoga-kind of class last
during the day. The first thing Emma said to me was "I fell asleep in
class. She made us lie there for 8 minutes." I told Emily that's quite
an accomplishment to get Emma to lie still. Emma and I talked it about
it later and I told her sometimes it's just as important to BE STILL as
it is to move. I am still working on that myself. 😉
3. I can't believe that Tess hopping around here like a little bunny
doing those jump two threes. I really loved being with her in class and
watching think her way through these steps. A few years ago when I took
a ballet class–after years of not doing it–the thing I found most
difficult was the THINKING aspect to dance. Remembering where I was in
the sequence, what comes next. I recently read an article about how
dancing help with things like Alzheimers (sp?) because of the way you
use your brain.
4. Can't wait for Christy to come home. If I hear "When will Tess be home…" one more time.
5. Have I told you all about my pie book? Tell your all friends, write
reviews on Amazon, and COME to the book launch, eat some pie, and bask
in the wonderful atmosphere at Stone Soup Books and Cafe. Saturday.

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