Just had a lovely conversation with the events planner at Cantos Booksellers in Roanoke, Va. She said my little pie book is jumping off the shelves. People are calling in to reserve 2 or 3 copies. Will there be a deluge of pie lovers tomorrow? I certainly hope so. I will sign as many books as I can. Now, here's the tricky bit: the event will be held in downtown Roanoke (a fabulous city) at another business—Twists & Turns. But it's hosted by Cantos. I'm so thrilled to be going back to Roanoke. With the first book, I spoke at the library there and was met with such kindness and success.

The other fun thing I'll be doing tomorrow is going to the WVTF studios. I've written essays for them for awhile—but it's a public radio station I listen to frequently, so I'm thrilled to be interviewed by them for Studio Virginia.

Look out Roanoke, here I come!

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