Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. It still feel like I am slogging my way through water. The low humidity of Denver spoiled me.

2. I really love Nickel Creek. 

3. Deana bringing me blackberries. Gonna make a pie. Had blackberry pancakes this morning. Mmmm. Thanks Deana,

4. Thinking about Obama's health care plans. Trying to get clear and accurate information. So many people I know are just parroting what the media is telling them—whether it's NPR or Fox. We need to think our way through this. It's too important not to think deeply and act correctly.

5. I was contacted by my editor yesterday, wanting to know if there were any correction to be made if we go into reporting on the pie book. The are not going into reprint yet, but she is preparing for it. That's a great sign. Is there anybody you know who hasn't gotten a book yet?

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