Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Conversation overheard this morning. Emma to Tess: "Yes, that's when we were young and foolish." I didn't ask.

2. Midwife of the Blue Ridge. It's much more a romance in the way the Outlander is. There's a great deal of history, with a little romance thrown in. It's certainly not genre romance. 

3. I ordered sample of a genre romance published by the publisher my agent is so hopeful about.The one who is interested and I am rewriting for.  I leafed through and thought "no fkg way." Really bad purple prose. And you know what? I've taken it to my limit. I don't mind sexing it up, but I won't write like that. So, I don't mind rewriting and resubmitting but I am not hopeful.

4. Eric changing his mind about going away this weekend. We are sending Emma and Tess with their Aunt  to spend the weekend in Westernport. If Emma keeps improving.

5. My meeting with the teacher and the principal tomorrow. Yes, indeed.

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