Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. How the humidity is not my friend.

2. Going to Sherando with Christy. I've already been asked twice this morning about it. Much excitement in the house.

3. Mixed feelings about school starting next week. In a way, I really sorry the girls are starting school so early. In another way, I really need them to be at school so I can write. I've not been able to really write for months and it's such a part of my psychological and spiritual health. That said,  I really DID need a break from it.

4. My mom is actually moving into an apartment. I want to try to get to PA to help out a bit. How about Labor Day, I said to Eric. Oh, 40-50 Igbo are coming in from Chicago that weekend. 

5. Pie–why is it round? Hmmm.

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