Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Blackberry pie, bad dreams, and storms.

2. Milk pods. You know when I was a girl, I loved to tear them apart and feel all that silky stuff. I've seen several today.

3. Eric planted these little sunflowers and they are just as sweet as they could be standing out there along the edge of the spent garden. 

4. Lady GaGa is not welcome in my house. Sorry, little Miss Emma. 

5. Bad, sad news about a man I loved and admired. He is gone. I remember most spending some wonderful time with him in New York talking about sonnets, nature writing, and what my husband was like as a literature student. One of those English Profs who touches each of his students. For Eric, that was a really good thing. But he was also the father of one of Eric's best friends. He was a funny man. His heart was huge. His family is in my thoughts, heavy, today.

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