Five thing I thought about during my SHORT morning run:

1. Puddles and raindrops.

2, How the weather is absolutely suiting my mood.

3. So sore from lifting and carrying and scrubbing this weekend–plenty of exercise, but oh, I missed my runs…

4. My typewriter that my mom has kept all these years. She insisted I
bring it home. My little red typewriter is what got me through college.
The girls are intrigued with it. I wonder if they even make ribbons to
go with it anymore. It's a manual, not even electric. 😉

5. I wish Tempting Will would sell–I have the basic plot down for the
next one in the series. It makes no sense to start on it, though,
until the first one sells. The rewrite is done and with my agent.
She'll be back from vacation this week.

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