Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Barb and Sandi and the whole Sweeney Todd cast and crew. Wow.
2. My girls just love that music and the show. Funny, they are not getting the sexual innuendos at all. Good thing. But they love all the delightful plays on language and nasty bits.
3. Note from a newspaper editor in Texas who's featuring and who reads my 5 things every morning. I had no idea someone in Texas is reading them. I wish people would write to me on the blog, if something appeals to them, or is funny to them. It would be great to know.
4. Poor little Tessie still has an upset belly. We had to leave the show last night.
5. If you are in the Valley and sleeping through the sunrise, you're missing an inspiring sight. This morning the gray clouds covered most of the sky, but there was a sliver of an opening just above the mountains. So gorgeous.

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