Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. New strategy on my bathroom remodel. Now, I'm looking for a contractor that will do small jobs.
2. Can't wait for the Cville PieFest this weekend and seeing my pie
comrades—Steve, Brian, Marijean, Elizabeth, and everybody else. We are
spreading pie love.
3. So weird to be stopped by two women I see every day during my run. "Are you Mollie Bryan?"
"Yes." "If I buy 3 of your cookbooks, will you sign them?"
"Absolutely." Now what's the name of the first one? That's the one I
want. I don't want that pie book…" (What do I say to THAT?)
4. U2 so close and yet so far. I know I can get good deals on tickets
now. But I don't think I want to go to a stadium to see anybody. I have
a real problem with crowds and getting knocked around by people who
don't notice the short lady at their elbow. But if I could get back
I wonder if Bono likes pie?
5. It would be nice to get good news today. I'm open to it, yes, indeed.

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