Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I think Tink just laughed at that little white dog that has a sweater on this morning.
2. The Belly of Paris is a really good book that has left me in awe of
Zola. Two pages of cheese description. Is it just me or can you not get
any better than that?
3. My bathroom project. Here's what I've come down to. I don't need a
contractor. I need a handyman. All I need him to do is install a vent.
Yes. There is no vent in the bathroom. And I have a few other projects
like that. Okay. Eric could do them, he has the skills (I don't), but
he doesn't have the time and I'm tired of waiting. Marriage rescued. At
least for today. 😉
4. My thighs ache this morning.
5. I am coming close to the end of of my two weeks without bread,
pasta, rice. And I'm going to celebrate on Saturday by eating pie. I'll
be signing books after the competition. There will be live music, too.
Coffee. Brian (the Food Geek), Marijean, Elizabeth, and Steve–that
funny guy I keep telling you all to follow. And oh yeah–PLENTY OF PIE.

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