Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1.Emma on Facebook. Yep. Here's what I've noticed about Emma. She gets
bored quickly with the things I approve of–for example, she hounded me
for a year to let her read Twilight. Finally, I said okay, since all of
her friends at school were talking about it and it's everywhere, she
already knows all about it in detail. It gave me a great opportunity to
tell her why I don't like the book. It's here in the house and she
hasn't picked it up. So, she's been hounding me about FB. I think
she'll get bored with it soon–and I'll be watching every move.

2. Praising good men. We hear a lot about the not-so good ones. But
here's to the guys who go to work every day, stick around to father
their children, and love their partners/wives unabashedly.

3. Tink and her hatred of men–she doesn't care if they're a good guy or
not, she just hates them. She really despises that jogger. There was
only one strange guy she warmed up to immediately–he was visiting the
neighborhood and rode a motorcycle. She loved him.

4. The pie competition was interesting–much more drama than I
anticipated. Once again, people take their pie very seriously. I've
been asked to judge next year an am thinking it over. My tweeting about
the event was Monica's idea. She is full of them. It was a great idea.

5. Talking with my neighbor about running yesterday at the block party.
He's up at 4:30 every day and runs 5 miles, then swims. He used to run
25 miles a day. He's been running for 45 years. YES, 45 years!

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