Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Suddenly, in the middle of a patch of grass, there's the most beautiful, teeny, tiny, daisies.

2. The fifth grade writing SOLs. I have to say as much as I hate the idea of the SOLs, I was impressed. So far, it's seemed to me that the SOLS are nothing more than the kids memorizing facts–very little connections are being made between the facts. But, these writing SOLs are impressive. I'm really glad my kids will get to experience this—seriously, I don't think any private school anywhere around here could compete with what the public schools in Va. are now doing with writing. I may be wrong. But it looks good. It was so exciting to me that I briefly thought about going back to school and getting teaching credentials. I think about it off and on. 

3. Hearing back from my agent on Tempting Will rewrites. She loved them and has already submitted it to that editor. (I'm so glad–if I had to do another rewrite on it now, I really think it'd push me over what ever edge I'm already standing on.) She is having lunch with him on Thursday.

4. Emma's little meltdown last night–a mix of tired, rotten brat in her and the hormonal crazed 11-year-old. Eric said he's going to need to move out while these girls are going through puberty. 😉

5. My neighbor whose been running for 45 years said "Running is 95 percent mental, only 5 percent physical." I think he's right. I know I could run further, but then I begin to think about what I need to do at home and start to really feel the need to get home.

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