Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Pain. Accchhhh. Everywhere in my legs. More stretching.

2. Green.

3. Overhead conversation in the girls bathroom, as reported by a
neighbor whose daughter is in the SIXTH GRADE. "I think it's too early
for a pregnancy test, but we didn't use anything and I want to know."
So, she knows about pregnancy tests, but not about birth control? And
oh yeah, did you get that? SIXTH GRADE.

4. Not looking forward to my trip to Pa. Oh yeah, I want to see my
family–but I really hate that drive and I hate that Eric needs to stay
here. He will have about 50 Igbo to deal with this weekend. But Mom
really needs the help to get it together to move. So I am focusing on

5. Heart pounding. Feeling at one with the universe. We are all one. Let's take care of each other, Yes, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Five things I thought about during my morning run:

  1. Mollie Cox Bryan says:

    Part of the reason for my hatred of the drive is that blasted turnpike–miles and miles of nothing (but traffic). The alternative is windy back roads or stoplight after stoplight and then trip takes even longer. Thanks for posting Sara.

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