Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Feathery pink clouds touching the tip of the blue mountain as I'm running toward it.
2. My book in the AP this morning. One outlet that is running it is ABC. I think that calls for an evening stout and maybe a slice of pie…
3. Looking forward to taking the girls to Book'em, seeing Alice and meeting Beth Trissel.
4. Watching Pride and Prejudice with the whole family last night. That Darcy. Emma and Tess was enthralled–except for the last scene with the kissing. They didn't like it. Good. And my husband, big ex-football playing dude that he is, was moved to tears at one point. When Lizzy's Dad said something like "I don't think anybody deserves you." So we all chatted about Austen last night and how inspiring her work is for me. I don't think any editor ever said to her "Can you make this hotter, more sex please…" lol.
5. All the animal karma going  on these days. How will it end?

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