Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Cut my run again this morning because of the cold.
2. Icy colorful leaves and sparkling grass.
3. Tess reading Alison Hart's "Belle's Star" in one day. She loved it and so Ms. Hart has a new fan. 😉
4. Jim Kirkwood. We went to his memorial service yesterday. He was one
of Eric's favorite English professors and Jim's son, Burton, is a good
friend. AND my good friend Kathy is Jim's stepdaughter. "Where does the
time go?" Eric said on the way home. Focusing on the the day to day.
Every once in while you look up and realize you haven't seen or talked
to the people who have meant so much to you. I only had two real
conversations with Jim. Both centered on poetry. I can remember both of
those conversations word for word. He must have been one hell of a
teacher. (MANY of the people there were students of his.)
5. Dr. Kirkwood felt that the sonnet was the most difficult form of
poetry to master. He challenged me to try writing the sonnet. I never

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