Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. My husband looked so hot the other day at the memorial service.
After 18 and half years of marriage, it sometimes still surprises me,
catches me unaware.
2. Bad start to the day. I hate sending my kids off on the bus after
we've had words. After everything, I now know how I should handled it.
Hindsight, of course.
3. Emma getting a discipline slip sent home in her folder yesterday. I
asked her about it and she just fell apart. Five minutes off recess
because someone was talking to her in the hall way when she shouldn't
have been talking. Well, that's Emma's story. We'll see what the
teacher has to say.
4.Taking my coat off half way through my run, dropping it off at the
house…it felt good to be sweating and in the cold with no coat.
5. New assignment from Flavor magazine. Can't wait to dig into it. Waiting on a call or email from the chef today.

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