Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Buddha Pie, a band I ran across on Twitter. The founder of the band
is now a friend on FB. You should check them out. What a great name,
2. 1983, on my ipod. Where was I in 1983? Hmmm. Entering Point Park Uni
as a transfer student. The city of Pittsburgh was my campus. Great
city. X
3. The sky was glowing pink and blue, looked like a big opal, with big swaths of clouds going across the mountains.
4. Hope the electrician comes today.
5. Cookbooks. I had an interesting email conversation with fellow
writer and friend Matthew Warner yesterday. Sent me into a bit of a
soul search. Do I want to do more cookbooks? Do I like doing them? The
thing about cookbooks is that they are a challenge–and I like that.
You can be a creative, while also flexing those other skills like
coordination, managing countless details, researching food and history.
So I guess I do really like doing them. What I don't like is the
negotiating. Me being in the middle between all parties. For them, it's
just another project. For me, it's my main gig over the next five
years. Or not. There you have it, Matt.

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