Five things I thought about during my morning run;

1. One long stripe of light gray cloud going across the sky this morning. It looks like silk strand with glowing yellow edges.
2. Teaching. I love it. I used to lead creativity workshops and poetry
workshops when I lived in Reston. I also gave a workshop at P. Buckley
Moss's teacher conference. I really like it and want more gigs.
3. Tink really wants a squirrel.
4. What a nice evening with Christy and Jen, and later, Brian. Good
food, good company, interesting conversation. We missed Kristi, though.
I hope her daughter is feeling better this morning.
5. Yesterday's cloudy, very foggy day. Ran into bad fog going across
the mountains.On the way back, the fog was so dense as I was heading
back down Afton Mountain, I had to really slow down. Then suddenly it
was blue and sunny and the trees in all of the magnificent colors
POPPED. "Sunny over Waynesboro…" I am reminded of a line from a poem
about West Virginia. "A land of terrible beauty…"

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