Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Gorgeous morning for a run.
2. The piefest. Oi. At one point I had to take my sweater off because heat was shooting through me and I felt I couldn't breath. Someone said "Are you okay…you look a little green…" I think it was the Turkish Mocha Delight pie. I think it was the richest thing I've ever eaten and it had a lot of cardamom in it. Whew!
3. Lemon chiffon was a welcomed breeze in my mouth. So good, elegant in it's simplicity. That's what you want in a pie. Not a bunch of different flavors at war in your mouth.  If you do a pie with a lot of different flavors, it's a good idea for them to, well, at least complement one another.
4. Even though I loved the winning lemon chiffon, I liked the coconut cream better. I would have chosen that out of all the pie I had. Once again, simple, classic, yet difficult to master, especially that meringue, which was just enough and done to perfection.
5. Eric going into the museum again this morning. Okay this is Day 7 without a break. Yesterday, there were over 2,000 people there, so I'm kinda glad I missed it. The piefest was fun and I met a lot of really interesting people. Saw some good friends, too.

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