Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Why is it that every time I go ahead and dance down the street, I turn around and someone is watching?
2. When something is troubling me, a long walk in the mountains always helps. Puts in all in perspective.
3. I am so hopeful about my memoir. Yet, I am afraid to be hopeful.
4. I get many, many emails these days and I love getting them. It
sometimes takes me awhile to get back. But I always do. For the same
reason I send thank-you notes. It's polite and common courtesy. When
the tables are turned and people don't get back to me after awhile, I
just figure they are either rude or I'm not that important to them.
Which is okay and good to know. There's only so much time in this life.
No point in wasting it on someone who really doesn't want you to. But
as for me, I will try to get back with everybody. Please be patient
with me.
5. I am so glad I don't date anymore. I hear stories from friends who
are single and I just want to scream. It's hard to see things clearly
when you are in the thick of it, hopeful for a new relationship, and
someone is paying a little attention to you. But it's often so clear to
me the people will eventually show their asses–if you keep you eyes
wide open. Don't make excuses for bad behavior. KNOW that you are worth

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