Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Running through piles of wet yellow leaves.
2. So foggy out. I love the colorful trees against the gray sky and poking out of the mist.
3. Ferocity. 
4. Uh-oh. My back is hurting again. I noticed it hurting yesterday after I pushed it to 3 1/2 miles. So I pulled back today. And it started hurting again so I had to walk the last piece.  It's my lower back, sort of where there's that little curve inward. It's a pinching, little pain. But I don't think it's a "good" pain. Maybe tomorrow I'll walk and do some Yoga.
5. I love Halloween. We were remembering Tess's second Halloween last night. She was dressed as a wizard–she picked it out. Had a beard and everything. She was just over a year old. She got in to the chocolate and was dancing through the house saying "HAW-EEN." Ya shoulda seen that kid with the chocolate smeared everywhere in such a joyous state. Chocolate will do it for most people..

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